Good things come in trees

Not long after we first met at a breakfast spot in Seattle, we discovered that we share some important perspectives about how we want to live our lives. We’re both transplants to Seattle –  Max from Whidbey and Tatiana from Brazil by way of Indiana – and among the things we love about the city is the access it offers to a rich life outdoors.

From our first trip to Whidbey Island together, we knew it was a place we would continue to explore. We started going to the island regularly, awed by how much its character changed with each change of season. It was an environment we wanted to work to get to know and find a way to be part of.

Before that dream could fully take root, we looked for ways to bring the magic of our time on the island home with us. That was the inspiration for our line of small-batch Treehouse & Co. candles. Each custom blend of all-natural fragrance oils captured the scents of the forest and the life on the remarkable islands of the Pacific Northwest.

But our ultimate goal was to build a life in the trees of Whidbey Island and share it with others. Treehouses seemed like the natural way to honor the Whidbey environment, so we embarked on a custom build. Now, deep into that work, we’re feeling an even bigger project taking shape. We’re tapping into a whole mode of living that had been easy to forget in the hustle of city life – one that relies on friends, seeks out neighbors, works with hands, and treats ‘local’ as a status to be cherished and earned.

We’re still early in our mission to plant deep roots here and explore that way of living to the full, but we’re excited to share our progress. And we invite you to join us as we learn what life looks like from up in the trees.